Valorant Halloween Special Spooky Bundle: Soulstrife Details, Price, Release Date, and More

Riot Games just revved up their Valorant fandom with a sequel to the fan-favorite Ion bundle. However, only a few weeks after the initial excitement has subsided, there seems to be another brand-new exhilarating bundle on the way. And it appears to be highly promising on too to the fans.

Halloween just passed on October 31 as usual. But it doesn’t appear to be the case for Valorant players just yet. As Riot games just decided to tease a spooky-themed skin bundle to celebrate Halloween with its fanbase.

The ghastly-looking, eerie gray and black-themed Soulstrife skin bundle was just teased by Riot on their official Twitter page. The skin supposedly features a collection of Phantom, Spectre, Guardian, Ghost, and melee skin. The bundle appears to have drawn inspiration significantly from the aesthetics of the fictional grim reaper.

The Soulstrife Skin Bundle:

The upcoming Soulstrife skin bundle is going to be exclusively featured for the following weapons:

  • Soulstrife Phantom
  • Soulstrife Spectre
  • Soulstrife Guardian
  • Soulstrife Ghost
  • Soulstrife Scythe

Within moments of releasing the image teaser, the skin appears to be gaining positive appeal amongst fans. It appears to be especially appealing to Omen players. The grim reaper-esque creepy style works harmoniously with the beloved ghostly agent.

Unfortunately, the skin won’t be featuring any additional color variants. Instead, each weapon will have an additional upgrade level for additional animation effects. In addition, the skin will have its own unique ADS sight reticle without any additional audio effects or finishes.

Soulstrife Bundle Price List:

The individual VP for the upcoming bundle is listed below –

  • Phantom – 1775 VP
  • Spectre – 1775 VP
  • Guardian – 1775 VP
  • Ghost – 1775 VP
  • Scythe – 3550 VP

The skin pack will maintain the usual pack pricing. As a result, the total price of this complete package is set at 7100 Valorant Points.

Release date of the Bundle:

The upcoming Soulstrife skin bundle will be available on November 2, 2022, in the in-game store. It will be replacing the currently featuring Ion 2.0 bundle.

Are you a fan of spook? Or do you love playing ghastly agents like Omen? Does the upcoming Soulstrife skin bundle excite you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the upcoming bundle in the comment sections below.

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