Valve introduces new ranking and invite system for CS:GO before Major RMR events

With the upcoming Blast Paris 2023 on mind, Valve introduces few new updates to CS:GO qualification process to streamline key features.

Using the new Regional Major Ranking qualification model, Valve recently released the official standings for the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The new and improved model takes a team’s prize pool earnings, strength of their opponents, and their head-to-head results against other teams into consideration when calculating for individual standings. In addition, now the difference between a team’s predicted and actual win rate will have a great impact on opponents’ strength rating.

Now the new regional standings will be utilized for team selection during invitation of closed qualifiers in Regional Major Ranking events. These events will then be used to determine which team qualifies for later majors and what stage they begin participating. The inauguration of this new model be utilized on the upcoming BLAST Paris Major 2023.

With the new system, each region’s top teams will be provided invitation to closed qualifiers. Additionally, standings will be updated following each competition until the open qualifiers begin. Teams that weren’t invited to closed qualifiers will get chance to participate in the open ones.

According to new standings, Liquid is the present leading team of Americas. Also, Lynn Vision are ranked 1st in Asia, while Heroics are sitting at the top position of Europe. This year’s entire Regional Standings of CS: GO contains over 300 different professional teams. Valve recently announced that, they will be revealing more details on the newly updated ranking and invite system in the upcoming weeks.

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