FIFA president planning to change World Cup schedule

The unimaginable success of recently finished 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar event has left a very positive impression on Gianni Infantino, as he reveals plan to change the World Cup’s schedule.

The FIFA World Cup has been a quadrennial event since the its establishment. The latest iteration of the international football fest was held in the middle east for the first time. And it has been a massive success both event wise and economically. The event has reportedly generated a record revenue of $7.5 billion.

Seeing the success of the event might have put a positive impact on the present FIFA president, Gianni Infantino. The Swiss-Italian football administrator have recently revealed the plan of revisiting World Cup rescheduling along with a proposition about a new Club World Cup.

According to reports, the FIFA president has proposed plans about shortening the duration between each World Cup to triennial instead of the current quadrennial format. However, as the official calendar is already scheduled till 2030 World Cup, there is very little chance for such a massive change for now.

Previously, Infantino backed the same idea but in a biennial format. But, both UEFA and CONMEBOL had strongly opposed the idea. As both of the confederation presidents, Aleksander Ceferin and Alejandro Dominguez expressed their plan to boycott if such changes were to happen. FIFA had no choice but to back up.

Gianni Infantino have also disclosed plans of expanding the Club World Cup. This may see an overhauled competition with 32 professional clubs compete against  each other from 2025. For contrast, only 7 teams from 6 confederations participate in the present annual Club World Cups. Therefore, fans are excited to see the development of this newly scheduled World Cup format.

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