NFLChris Olave Scores First Career Touchdown for Saints In NFL Preseason

Chris Olave Scores First Career Touchdown for Saints In NFL Preseason

New Orleans Saints rookie wideout Chris Olave catched a 20-yard touchdown on Friday night, being his first professional touchdown. It was the third catch of his professional career while being the first one in the NFL. He scored it in the NFL preseason week 2 against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. 

The New Orleans offense made limited occasions to cheer in during most of the first half. The 20-yard touchdown came at a crucial time for the team as it made a 13-10 lead, just 40 seconds before halftime.

Anticipating the defense, Olave found his way and somersaulted into the end zone. Then he turned back to Ian Book to secure a clean catch. It was also the first career touchdown pass for the quarterback.

Olave, the No. 11 pick this year, finished the game with two TD receptions for 28 yards. With this, Olave proved his worth while playing alongside Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry. Olave had 65 catches for 936 yards and 13 touchdowns in his last season with the Buckeyes.

Olave had only one catch for 4 yards in the previous week, but two catches just in the first half of this week. The Saints will play against the Los Angeles Chargers next Friday. However, Olave’s appearance is not clear yet.


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