KSW 80: Eskiev vs Ruchala Purse, Payout, and Salaries

KSW 80 is the latest professional MMA event from the popular Polish mixed martial arts promotion. It is officially dubbed “KSW 80: Eskiev vs Ruchala” The event will be held in Poland this Friday.

The upcoming Friday afternoon KSW event will feature 10 professional MMA bouts. Seven of the 10 bouts will be under the main card and the rest will be featured under the preliminary. For the title bout, Robert Ruchala and Lom-Ali Eskijew will face one another with the interim featherweight championship on the line.

The event will be a PPV-exclusive online event. It will be held at an indoor arena in Lubin, Poland. Keep on reading for more details on purse, payout, and salary information on the upcoming Polish professional MMA event.

KSW 80: Eskiev vs Ruchala Purse and Payout:

An official announcement on the complete purse pool is yet to be disclosed. However, reportedly the main card title fight “Ruchala vs Eskijev” is set to feature a $120,000 purse. Furthermore, both fighters will earn an additional share from the PPV contract.

More information on the upcoming Ruchala vs Eskijev event is listed below –

How much will Robert Ruchala earn?

Robert Ruchala is the KSW featherweight division’s most popular fighter from Poland. He currently has a 10-win streak with an 8-professional win record. The majority of his win came from decisions.

Ruchala is set to earn $70,000 purse, which is around 300,000 zł. Considering it is an interim decider fight, the amount is the standard rate in KSW. Additionally, he will reportedly bag 60% of the PPV sales along with an additional fight week incentive from the fight night. Therefore, his total income is expected to exceed $120,000 from the event.

How much will Lom-Ali Eskiev earn?

Lom-Ali “Leon” Eskijew is a German professional mixed martial artist. He is currently a featherweight-class fighter and has a professional career record of 20 wins and 6 losses. 45% of his wins are from KO.

Eskiev will bag a $50,000 guaranteed purse from the upcoming KSW interim featherweight title decider fight against Ruchala, which reportedly amounts to 220,000 zł. Moreover, 40% of the PPV sale share will be given to him according to the contract. His total income from the night is expected to reach $80,000.

Robert Ruchala Net Worth:

In 2022, Robert Ruchala’s net worth is over $100,000. The Polish featherweight is currently associated with Grappling Krakow.

Lom-Ali Eskiev Net Worth:

At present, Lom-Ali Eskiev’s net worth is undisclosed. The German professional is affiliated with UFD Gym and is ranked 121st among all featherweights worldwide.

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