Origin Rumble 2022: Gallen vs Hodges & Hannant Purse, Payouts and Salaries

Paul Gallen is set to make history on 15 Sept at the Nissan Arena in Brisbane, Australia as he takes on two opponents on the same night. Let’s check the Origin Rumble 2022 Purse purse, payouts, and salaries.

There are a total of 11 fights on the card. However, the ultimate attraction of the night is Paul Gallen’s two consecutive fights. Ben Hannant will be his first opponent of the event, and given that he is fit following the first fight, Gallen will box Justin Hodges as the final fight of the night.

Gallen is a retired rugby player with a distinguished career in NRL. Gallen made his professional boxing debut in 2014. Since then, he continued his boxing venture, alongside his NRL career. During the course of his boxing career, he fought and won against many renowned names, including Mark Hunt and Lucas Browne.

Hannant and Hodges are former professional rugby league footballers. Although to a much smaller degree compared to Gallen, both of them have got into the boxing world. Hodges is the more experienced of the two with a 5-1 record. Hannant, on the contrary, has only 1 fight in his career.

As the fight card consists of so many big names, the PPV buys for the Origin Rumble 2022 are expected to go through the roof.

Origin Rumble 2022 Purse:

No official statement is publicized regarding the purse of Origin Rumble 2022. However, our team has done an extensive analysis of the previous bouts of Gallens, Hodges, and Hannant. With the help of analysis and research, we have come up with an estimated Origin Rumble 2022 Purse.

How much will Paul Gallen earn from the fights?

As per our analysis, Paul Gellen will make at least $1.3 million for his two fights this Thursday from Origin Rumble 2022 Purse. 

Paul Gallen is a prizefighter. As a massively popular personality in Australia, he pulls huge numbers in PPVs. This reflected well in his fight purses. For his fight against the 22-year-old Justis Huni last year, Gallen is reported to make $1.1 million.

The former vice-captain of Australia is now on the brink of making history, fighting two opponents in one night. The hype among boxing fans is huge for this event. With the guaranteed purse and PPV bonus, the total payout should be around $1.3 million.

How much will Ben Hannant and Justin Hodges earn from the fights?

It is confirmed that both Ben Hannant and Justin Hodges will be making $100,000 as a guaranteed purse from the Origin Rumble 2022 Purse.

However, here is a twist. According to reports, there is a rematch clause in the fight contracts of both Hannant and Hodges. If any of them beat Gallen in the fight, the rematch clause will activate with a payout of $1 million to the winner in the rematch. In addition to that, Gallen himself declared that he will give $50,000 from his own purse to whoever managed to beat him on Sept 15.

Paul Gallen Net Worth:

According to personage.com, the net worth of Paul Gallen stands at $5 million.

Paul Gallen has had a successful career in the NRL. During his 18 years career in the NRL, he accomplished plenty. However, most of his fortune came from the boxing venture. Gallen is known for fighting big names in massive events. The payouts from these events boosted net worth to a great degree.

Ben Hannant Net Worth:

Ben Hannant boasts of a net worth of $1 million according to Celeb Sage Wiki.

Hannant is a 37-year-old Australian rugby player with an achievement-filled career in the NRL that spanned over 11 years. With the help of his many accolades in the rugby league, Hannant amassed a net worth of at least $1 million.

Justin Hodges Net Worth:

The estimated net worth of Justin Hodges is $1.5 million as of 2022.

Hodges made his debut in the NRL in 2002. Before his retirement in 2015, he achieved many feats in the rugby scene, including 2002 and 2006 NRL Premiership victories. Hodges transitioned into the boxing world in 2019 and has fought 6 times since.

How to Watch Origin Rumble 2022?

  • Kayo Sports

Buy the PPV for $59.95 and enjoy the event on Kayo Sports.

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