EsportsAfter SnD clutch, Nadeshot is "truly enjoying" MW2

After SnD clutch, Nadeshot is “truly enjoying” MW2

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag is the founder and owner of 100T. He is also one of the most famous and successful Call of Duty players of all time. When he plays Search and Destroy in MW2, it looks like he is right back where he belongs.

He streamed Modern Warfare 2 on October 30 and 31. Even though he had some great numbers during those streams, he really shone during SnD. Not only did he have great stats, but he also had some amazing clutches, like this incredible five-kill in the eleventh round of a pub battle. Even the other team had good things to say about how well the highlight was done.

Since Nadeshot hasn’t played in a competitive game in more than seven years, it shouldn’t be too surprising that he’s doing so well in this game mode. Nadeshot played for OpTic for a long time. During that time, he became known as a skilled SnD player on an already strong team. During the height of their popularity, OpTic was able to win a number of awards, thanks in large part to some of the best SnD performances he had ever done.

In general, Nadeshot says that MW2 is a “very enjoyable” game that he “really loves.” A lot of Call of Duty fans are happy that the focus is back on gunplay instead of broken movement mechanics, even though some fans have problems with some maps and the way progression works. Twitch Tracker says that his most recent MW2 stream on October 31 was one of his most popular streams in a while. It also had the most viewers at its peak since late August, when he talked about what Froste had said about him.

The famous Scump, who used to play with Nadeshot, has also been playing very well on stream as he prepares for what will be his last season of professional Call of Duty before he retires.


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