EsportsCSGO Celebrates Anniversary as the Game Turns 10

CSGO Celebrates Anniversary as the Game Turns 10

“CS:GO is just getting started,” states Counter-Strike, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their most successful game.

On August 21, 2012, Valve released a brand new game of the CS franchise named Counter-Strike Global Offensive, popularly known as CSGO. Yesterday marked the 10-year anniversary of the game.

CSGO is widely regarded as the greatest 5v5 tactical-shooter FPS game of all time. The CS franchise has always been a giant among FPS games. Before CSGO, Counter-Strike had two other immensely popular games, 1.6 and Source. Because of such a history, there were massive expectations from CSGO before its release. Considering the popularity and player base CSGO boasts of till this day 10 years after its release, we can now safely assume that Global Offensive has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

These past 10 years were as eventful as it gets for CSGO. Over the past decade, the game has organized numerous tournaments, including 17 Majors. The tournaments delivered some of the biggest moments in the history of gaming. 

As CS:GO turns 10, Valve decides to celebrate it by bringing new features to the game. In the official blog of Counter-Strike, it was announced that a new 10th Birthday Sticker Capsule is dropping along with a new birthday coin. Moreover, Valve has added Anubis, Tuscan, and Breach and two new Wingman maps.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is truly an ageless game. The sheer demand and acclaim the game still receives is unmatched. Therefore, In the words of the game’s developers, we can agree that CS:GO is indeed only getting started. 


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