EsportsNew Valorant Streamer Makes History Boosting From Iron To Immortal

New Valorant Streamer Makes History Boosting From Iron To Immortal

Maximilian Trymacs Stemmler usually creates content streaming Fortnite, FIFA, Clash Royale, and many other games. However, this time the popular German streamer gives a try on Valorant for the very first time and makes history!

Shooting first, he somehow managed to make his stand in Iron but moved from there fast enough. All of his four friends ranked from high Immortal to Radiant. Trymacs boosted from Iron to Immortal within just four months which is possibly the fastest in Valorant history. He published a series of videos titled “Road to Immortal” featuring his journey of the past four months. 

Being a new streamer for this particular game, his move caught the attention of Valorant fans around the globe as well as picked criticism. The 28-year-old German has 2.13 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.1 million followers on Twitch. 

Trymacs hit Immortal on July 25 with his team going 8-1 in ranked. He expressed his delight on Twitter on that day. He went 5/20/6 in terms of KDA in a close match, while each of his three teammates secured 20 or more kills. Notably, just 0.7 percent of players ranked Immortal in August, since the new Ascendant rank in Episode 5 Act I was introduced.


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