PMPL South Asia Fall 2022: Schedule, Livestream, Format, Teams, and Prize Pool

PUBG Mobile esports scene is heating up as the strongest South Asian teams prepare to compete in the PMPL South Asia Fall 2022. Here you will find information regarding the schedule, live stream, format, teams, and prize pool.

Considered one of the biggest PUBGM events of the year for the region of South Asia, the PMPL 2022, is set to commence on August 30. This will be an online event organized by KRAFTON, Tencent, and Nodwin Gaming. 

Tencent hosts professional leagues called PMPL annually in five major regions in the world, including South Asia. This year is no different as 20 South-Asian teams will be battling it out in this three-and-a-half week-long tournament to qualify for the 2022 South Asia Championship later this year.

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 Schedule:

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 will start on the 30th of August. After finishing both the league and final stage, the tournament will end on the 2nd of October. Here is the detailed schedule for 2022 PMPL South Asia:

Stage Date Time (IST)
League Aug 30 – Sep 25 18:00 
Final Sep 30 – Oct 02 18:00

The league consists of three phases that will be played out in three consecutive weeks.

Phase 1: Aug 30 – 31 and Sep 2-4

Phase 2: Sep 6 – 7 and Sep 9 – 11

Phase 3: Sep 20 – 21 and Sep 23 – 25

How to watch PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 Livestream?

  • Facebook
  • YouTube

The PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 will be live-streamed from the official Facebook page and YouTube channel of PUBGM Esports in South Asia.

There will be several streams in different languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali etc. Tune into your preferred one and enjoy the games for free.


This is an invitational tournament. 20 of the best teams in the SA region have been invited to take part in the PMPL 2022 South Asia. Two separate stages make up the tournament. First is the league stage, where all 20 teams are drawn into five groups and will play four matches per day every week. After three weeks, the top 16 teams will qualify for the final stage.

The final stage will include six matches daily for three days straight. At the end of the final stage, the team ranked first in the standing will be crowned champion, while the top 10 qualify for the  PMPL South Asia Championship Fall 2022.

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 Prize Pool:

The total prize pool for PMPL South Asia 2022 is set to be $150,000, with the winning team bagging $10,000 for themselves. To be eligible for a share of the prize pool, a team needs to make it out of the league stage, meaning only the top 16 players will be awarded a payout.

Let us take a look at the breakdown of the prize pool:

Position Prize Money
1st $10,000
2nd $6,500
3rd $4,500
4th $3,500
5th $3,000
6th $2,800
7th $2,500
8th $2,400
9th $2,300
10th $2,200
11th $2,000
12th $1,900
13th $1,700
14th $1,500
15th $1,200
16th $1,000

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 Teams:

Out of 20 teams, Nepal has the most representatives with 11 teams. Mongolia and Bangladesh have 5 and 4 teams respectively. The list of the invited teams is provided below:

  1. 1952
  2. A1 NB Esports
  3. Da AtraX Esports
  4. Deadeyes Guys
  5. Deadeyes Warriors
  6. DRS Gaming
  7. ElementriX
  8. GodLike Stalwart
  9. Gremlin Storm
  10. High Voltage
  11. IHC Esports
  12. JyanMaara
  13. Mabetex Esports
  14. RAW Officials
  15. SEAL Esports
  16. Skylightz Gaming
  17. Trained to Kill
  18. TRZ Esports
  19. Venom Legends
  20. Wizzes Club

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