EsportsTarik Joins Sentinels Content Team

Tarik Joins Sentinels Content Team

Former CSGO professional player, Tarik “tarik” Celik has joined sentinels as a content creator. 

Sentinels is undoubtedly the most popular org in Valorant. After signing “shroud” last month before the LCQ, they have just come up with another huge announcement introducing Tarik to their content team.

The player has been a popular face in the esports scene for years now. Starting as a pro in Counter-Strike, he found considerable success in the game, including a Major win in Boston 2018. Having played in teams like Cloud9, CLG, and EG, Tarik cemented himself as one of the greatest NA CS players ever.

The Turkish-American has been streaming Valorant since 2021 after he put his CS career on hold. Streaming Valorant turned out to be his biggest break, as within months he became the biggest Valorant streamer on Twitch.

Since becoming the most viewed streamer of the game, the question of when he is joining a professional Val organization has been surfacing repeatedly. However, the 26-year-old confirmed that he has no interest to go pro again anytime soon as he is happy with the solo content creation.

On August 30, Tarik officially revealed that he will be joining Sentinels just a day before the biggest valorant tournament of the year, Champions 2022. However, the 2018 Boston Major MVP affirmed that he will not be part of the roster. Rather he is in as a content creator for the Sentinels.

With already Tenz and Shroud on the team, the signing of Tarik took the 2021 Masters 1 winner to new heights of global fame. Although the 2022 season for Sentinels turned out to be a disaster, they certainly made sure to prove their worth as the biggest Valorant org with these signings ahead of the franchising system Riot planned for 2023. How the 2023 season turns out for them will be interesting to watch.


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