Top 5 Agents to master in Valorant

Riot’s team-based FPS game, Valorant has been an international success since its release in 2020. Thanks to its colorful and personality filled diverse set of Agents, the game quickly put itself apart of the bloated FPS market very quickly.

Whether you are new to the game or want to try something different from your current main Agent. Picking a new agent is quite hard sometimes. However, if you are looking for a helping hand at choosing your new main in Valorant, look no further. We got you covered with our best agent list to master based on their accessibility, kit set and the current meta.

  1. Reyna

Reyna was the first Agent addition to Valorant with the initial 1.0 release. Since then, she has been hit with quite a good amount of nerfs. However, this Duelist’s simple to use ability set has been a fan favorite.

Reyna’s Leer ability near sights all enemies in direct eye contract. While spending soul orb, users can use either her Devour or Dismiss ability. Devour can rapidly heal up to 100HP or 150HP overheal for 30 seconds. While Dismiss makes her intangible for around 2 seconds. Finally, her ultimate buffs her with 25% extra equip speed, reload speed and recovery speed for 30 seconds.

If you are looking for an agent to make an opening to a site when attacking, or you want to get a few kills flanking in the simplest way possible, Reyna can become your next favorite one.

  1. Sova

The first agent you are introduced to as soon as you boot up Valorant first time is Sova. This Russian initiator is the best intel-gathering asset of any team.

If used properly, Sova’s Owl Drone is enough to snitch out a site’s enemy locations. And a reveal dart can easily ensure one kill. His Shock bolts are pretty unique damage dealer. While the recon bolt works the same way as Shock bolts but reveals nearby enemy locations. Finally, his ultimate Hunter’s Fury can deliver deadly blows from half the map.

While you may need to put some time to learn some line ups. Your Sova can become the best asset of the team, whether for reconnaissance, attack or defense.

  1. Viper

While at present Viper may seem like a meta pick, she is very good at controlling a site from both attack and defend perspective. Her ability set is also more suited for passive chip damage, rather than using actively.

Viper’s Snake Bite creates a chemical zone that does 12.5 damage per second for up to 5.5 second, making event enemies with full shields highly vulnerable. While the poison cloud works as a cloud cover like Omen’s Dark Cover or Brim’s Sky Smoke. Her signature ability, toxic screen creates a green wall of smokes that can easily cover an entire site, corner to corner. Her ultimate, Viper’s Pit creates a massive poison smoke range, which makes the opponent not only vulnerable but also nearsighted.

If used tactically, Viper can become a valuable asset to lock a site. Also, her ultimate can help you secure a round pretty easily.

  1. Skye

The Aussie initiator was the third agent to be included into Valorant rooster. With her all-round and balanced kit, she can not only support the team but also become the attacking pillar herself.

Skye’s Regrowth heals her teammates for total up to 100HP with 20HP per second. While Trailblazer is a controllable fox that gives her a 6 second frame to concuss an enemy with additional 30 damage in direct contract. However, her signature ability Guiding Light is her most powerful kit. Each round she can deploy 2 hawks that work as a 2.25 second flashbang. Finally, Skye’s ultimate Seeker generates 3 trinket that seeks for an enemy location for over 15 seconds.

From initiating an attack to healing teammates or even finding enemies, Skye got you covered in every way. With her overturned versatile kit, you can support your team in various way.

  1. Jett

Jett has been the unparalleled Agent since the game’s launch. Even after some big nerfs in 4.08 update, she had been the top picked agents in every ranks. If you are confident about your shots, the movement queen can become your most favorite agent pretty quickly.

Jett can throw two projectiles that expands into smokes for 4.5s upon impact with a surface. Additionally, she can control the direction of projectile until it’s impact. Her updraft ability propels high into the air up to two times and Tailwind propels her in any direction for once. Bundled with her Drift passive that slows down Jett’s falling makes her the movement queen she is. Finally, Blade Storm equips her with 5 throwing knives as her ultimate. This accurate knife can either be launched individually or all together that can instantly kill a full shield enemy with headshot.

While Jett seems like the best agent to pick and play, she does require a good amount of dedication on learning and practice. However, if you are confident with your gunplay and can gamble your Sherriff, Vandal and Operator corner picks, she can give you some good leverage every round with one free pick and some insane picking lineup.

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