EsportsValorant Abyssal Bundle: Details, Price, Release Date, and More

Valorant Abyssal Bundle: Details, Price, Release Date, and More

In anticipation of the upcoming update, Riot Games just released patch note 5.10. Fans will notice some significant changes to some of their favorite characters as a result of the upcoming update. However, a recent leak about a separate planned skin bundle greatly intensified the excitement among the Valorant community.

As the excitement surrounding the newly released Soulstrife bundle started subsiding, Riot Games is aiming to launch another gorgeous skin bundle titled “Abyssal.” The upcoming bundle will include four weapons and a melee skin, both with blue and pink neon accents and a stylish appearance. It will be released concurrently with the “Give Back 2022” bundle.

Let us look at some detailed information regarding the upcoming skin pack’s details, price and release dates.

The Abyssal Skin Bundle:

The upcoming Abyssal skin bundle will be exclusively featured for the following weapons:

  • Abyssal Phantom
  • Abyssal Spectre
  • Abyssal Guardian
  • Abyssal Sheriff
  • Abyssal Axe

As the name implies, the aesthetics of the bundle draw inspiration largely from the ocean’s depths. Fans with keen eyes will notice this thanks to the skin’s sharp and edgy appearance and vibrant stripes that resemble shark fins. With a pink hue and neon patterns, the skin pack has an ocean-blue foundation. 

The Abyssal skin pack will be a deluxe tier bundle. Therefore, the skin won’t be featuring any additional color variants, upgrade levels, or custom audio effects. However, the majority of fans will find the bundle to be reasonably priced.

Abyssal Bundle Price List:

The necessary VP for the upcoming bundle is listed below –

  • Phantom – 1275 VP
  • Spectre – 1275 VP
  • Guardian – 1275 VP
  • Sheriff – 1275 VP
  • Axe – 2550 VP

The skin pack will feature a reasonable price as a deluxe tier bundle. The total price of this complete package is set at only 5100 Valorant Points.

Release date of the Bundle:

The in-game store will offer the upcoming Abyssal skin bundle from November 16, 2022. With the upcoming “Give Back 2020” bundle, it will be replacing the currently featured Soulstrife bundle.

Do you like the upcoming bundle? What are your thoughts on the recent changes of the upcoming patch 5.10 update? Let us know in the comments below.


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