Valorant’s upcoming City of Flowers map is set in India

Riot games just dropped the Episode 6 cinematic of their beloved competitive FPS game Valorant, and it is already creating a storm in the community.

This is not the first time the devs at Riot games teased a map before its release. In fact, it has been Valorant’s tradition since the inclusion of Icebox. Every map has been teased in the previous battle pass as a player card. The upcoming City of Flowers seem to be no different. As its existence was first found in the recent battle pass like the previous four.

Furthermore, Valorant’s official twitter handle has been posting some short clips related to the new Episode. These included three popular female agents enjoying some roadside food in a stall, and another one looking for intel inside a club in a location similar to the streets of South Korea.

However, after the episode was released today, it seems like “City of Flowers” will be something very different from fan speculations. Fans have been speculating that the new map is going to be located in South Korea. This was further solidified by the recent twitter handle teases. But the actual episode just put an extreme shift from fan speculations.

As seen in the cinematic, Harbor and Astra seems to be looking for a specific location. This location was later revealed to be located near the Western Ghats of India. Which is a very interesting and exciting news for the games massive Indian fanbase.

Further details of the map were also teased by the agent Fade. As she seemingly finds intel from a pedestrian, an image of a map layout with 3 sites pops up inside her cellphone. Which is reportedly the map design of this upcoming “City of Flowers’ map. This means, the map will be the first inclusion of a 3-site based map after Haven.

The cinematic episode also teases the return of fan favorite map “Split”. In a scene, agent Omen is seen cutting a Bonsai tree. Which is a major theme of the Split map. Therefore, fans can expect some in-map modifications with the return of their favorite Japanese map in the competitive map pool.

The ongoing Episode 5 Act 3 is scheduled to end on this Monday, January 9, 2023. The Episode 6 Act 1 update is expected to go live the same day, with two hours difference following the completion of the ongoing one. Although, there hasn’t been any official confirmation or tease of the actual update so far.

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