GolfLIV Golf Players to Miss Out on Ranking Points for Next Two...

LIV Golf Players to Miss Out on Ranking Points for Next Two Events

The Official World Golf Ranking organization keeps on disappointing the LIV Golf players as they announced their decision to not award ranking points to LIV rebels at least for the next two events.

The players of the LIV Golf tour have been vocal about not receiving ranking points for their performance in the tournaments of the Saudi-backed tour. Despite multiple talks, OWGR continues to not heed their request. 

LIV tried to make an strategic alliance with the MENA Tour, which they thought would ensure their eligibility for the rankings. However, OWGR, a non-profit organization in charge of ranking the best players in the sport of Golf, issued a statement regarding the situation where they did not seem to be on the same page as LIV.

“A review of the changes to the MENA Tour is now under way by the OWGR,” read the statement. “Notice of these changes given by the MENA Tour is insufficient to allow OWGR to conduct the customary necessary review ahead of the LIV Golf Invitational Bangkok (7-9 October) and LIV Golf Invitational Jeddah (14-16 October).”

“Only after the review is complete will a decision be made on awarding points to the MENA Tour’s new ‘Limited Field Tournaments’.” 

The next two LIV event are set to take place in Bangkok and Jeddah, respectively. While some think it is fitting for such a controversial tour to not get acknowledged by the acclaimed and prestigious ranking organisation, others are of the opinion that it is a pity that a tournament with so-strong a field is not eligible for the ranking points.


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