Mexico Open 2023 Purse: Payouts & Prize Distribution

The 2nd edition of PGA Tour’s brand new Mexican Open just began its fourth round of competition. Here you will find all the necessary details on the prize and payout info of the Vallarta-based Mexico Open 2023.

Mexico Open 2023 Purse:

The Mexico Open is a relatively new professional golf tournament that was launched under the 2021-22 PGA Tour season, as “Abierto Mexicano de Golf.” This year marks the event’s second run with a more minimal rename.

Mexico Open 2023 is featuring a $7.7 million purse pool. In contrast, the previous edition featured a $7.3 million purse pool. Both of these are a considerable sum, as the event is relatively new compared to most major PGA Tour events.

The winner’s share for the event is still PGA Tour’s standard 18% cut. The winner of the 2023 event will take a $1.386 million prize, thanks to the $400k bump. Whereas, the previous champion Jon Rahm was provided $1.314 million as a reward in 2022.

The prize pool will be shared between only the top-65 participants in the leaderboard who successfully made a cut during the initial two rounds. As a result, all other participants will receive a noticeable raise in their purse based on their position in standings.

For example, the 2nd and 3rd place holder will receive $839,300, and $531,300 respectively. Meanwhile, the three runner-ups of the previous event received $552,366 each. 

Mexico Open 2023 Prize Money Breakdown:

The complete official purse distribution list for the ongoing Mexico Open 2023 is listed below –

A complete list of the officially announced purse distribution list for the Mexico Open 2023 of 2022-23 PGA Tour season is listed here –

Position Purse Amount
1st $1,386,000
2nd $839,300
3rd $531,300
4th $377,300
5th $315,700
6th $279,125
7th $259,875
8th $240,625
9th $225,225
10th $209,825
11th $194,425
12th $179,025
13th $163,625
14th $148,225
15th $140,525
16th $132,825
17th $125,125
18th $117,425
19th $109,725
20th $102,025
21st $94,325
22nd $86,625
23rd $75,465
24th $74,305
25th $68,145
26th $61,985
27th $59,675
28th $57,365
29th $55,005
30th $52,745
31st $50,435
32nd $48,125
33rd $45,815
34th $43,890
35th $41,965
36th $40,040
37th $38,115
38th $36,575
39th $35,035
40th $33,495
41st $31,955
42nd $30,415
43rd $28,875
44th $27,335
45th $25,795
46th $24,255
47th $22,715
48th $21,483
49th $20,405
50th $19,789
51st $19,327
52nd $18,865
53rd $18,557
54th $18,249
55th $18,095
56th $17,941
57th $17,787
58th $17,633
59th $17,479
60th $17,325
61st $17,171
62nd $17,017
63rd $16,863
64th $16,709
65th $16,555


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