The Memorial Tournament 2023 Purse: Prize Money and Winner’s Share

The latest PGA Tour tournament is currently underway at the Muirfield Village in Ohio. Here you can read details on the Memorial Tournament 2023 purse and prize distribution information.

The Memorial Tournament 2023 Purse:

The Dublin-based professional golf tournament titled “Memorial Tournament” is back with its 33rd official iteration. This annual PGA Tour event is featuring a 120-golfer field this year. Among them, 23 of the top 50 OWGR-ranked players are present in the field.

Event organizers have announced a $20 million purse pool for the Memorial Tournament 2023. It is one of the major purse sizes seen in recent years. The winner of the event will bank $3.6 million alone from the four-day-long competition.

Alongside the winner, both the 2nd and 3rd positioned players will also bank major amounts each from the event. As they are entitled to a $2.18 and $1.38 million paycheck respectively. Additionally, all the participants to finish with top-36 will receive six-figure sums as a reward each.

The purse pool will be distributed among only the top-65 participants to make a cut during the initial two rounds. Therefore, the bottom three positioned players – 63rd, 64th, and 65th participants will receive $43,800, $43,400, and $43,000 respectively.

The Memorial Tournament 2023 Payouts:

Here is the officially announced list of the Memorial Tournament 2023 purse and payout distribution chart –

Placement Prize Money
1st $3,600,000
2nd $2,180,000
3rd $1,380,000
4th $980,000
5th $820,000
6th $725,000
7th $675,000
8th $625,000
9th $585,000
10th $545,000
11th $505,000
12th $465,000
13th $425,000
14th $385,000
15th $365,000
16th $345,000
17th $325,000
18th $305,000
19th $285,000
20th $265,000
21st $245,000
22nd $225,000
23rd $209,000
24th $193,000
25th $177,000
26th $161,000
27th $155,000
28th $149,000
29th $143,000
30th $137,000
31st $131,000
32nd $125,000
33rd $119,000
34th $114,000
35th $109,000
36th $104,000
37th $99,000
38th $95,000
39th $91,000
40th $87,000
41st $83,000
42nd $79,000
43rd $75,000
44th $71,000
45th $67,000
46th $63,000
47th $59,000
48th $55,800
49th $53,000
50th $51,400
51st $50,200
52nd $49,000
53rd $48,200
54th $47,400
55th $47,000
56th $46,600
57th $46,200
58th $45,800
59th $45,400
60th $45,000
61st $44,600
62nd $44,000
63rd $43,800
64th $43,400
65th $43,000
Total $20,000,000

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