World Chess Championship 2023: Purse and Prize Money Breakdown

The World Chess Championship 2023 started on April 9 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Here, we will know the World Chess Championship 2023: Purse and Prize Money Breakdown.

Magnus Carlsen is the defending champion of the tournament. He has won the last four editions of the tournament and announced not to defend the title this year.

So, we will be seeing Ian Nepomniachtchi playing against Ding Liren for the new crown of the World Chess.

World Chess Championship 2023 Purse and Prize Money Breakdown:

The total World Chess Championship 2023 purse this year is €2,000,000. This amount will be distributed among the winner and runners-up of the tournament. But, the share will be decided based on some conditions.

  1. If the final ends within 14 classical games, the winner of the tournament will receive 60% of the prize money, which means, €1.2 Million. The runners-up will receive the rest 40%, which means €800,000
  2. 2. If the match goes to the tiebreaker, the winner will receive 55% of the purse. This means the winner will get €1.1 Million and the runners-up will receive the rest €900,000 of the prize money.

This year, The prize money is the same as the last edition of the tournament.

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