Cloud9 Drops ‘Curry’ from Valorant Roster

Rahul “curry” Nemani announced himself as a free agent as Cloud9 drops him following their franchising into the Valorant partnership program.

The Valorant has gone through an eventful week with everything going on regarding franchising. Finally, after weeks of waiting, Riot has published the names of 30 orgs across all the regions that have made it into the partnership program for the year 2023.

Cloud9 is among the five NA teams that have made it. It seems c9 is not sticking with its latest roster as they dropped their flex player, ‘Curry’. Curry started his Valorant career in early 2022 at T1. He later joined C9 in May 2022 and played two notable tournaments; Stage 2 challengers and LCQ, with them. However, the Men in Blue performed poorly in both tournaments and Curry himself did not play anywhere near special.

With the new VCT season looming ahead, C9 decided to rebuild their roster and the first person to get axed is Curry. The 20-year later took to Twitter to announce his free agency. “With 

Cloud9 exploring different options for the roster moving forward, I am now a restricted F/A looking for opportunities with other partner organizations,” he wrote. “I’ve put in tons of work and wish to continue doing so within a good system. Can play any agent.”

Curry is an extremely talented player with huge potential. He is unlikely to remain a free agent for much longer.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him

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