EsportsFour Teams to Represent Bangladesh in PMPL South Asia Fall 2022

Four Teams to Represent Bangladesh in PMPL South Asia Fall 2022

Four Bangladeshi teams are ready to represent their country against the very best of the SA region in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) – South Asia Fall 2022.

PMPL South Asia Fall 2022 is one of the biggest tournaments in the SA region. This year, 20 teams from 3 nations have been invited to battle it out to become a champion and win $10,000. The tournament, organized by KRAFTON and co consists of two stages and is scheduled to be played between Aug 30 to Oct 02.

Several PUBGM professional teams in Bangladesh have made a name for themselves on the international scene. The most prominent of them has to be A1 Esports. A1 is credited with impressive performances in the biggest stages of PUBG mobile esports. However, in the upcoming PMPL, three more teams have joined A1 to represent their country at a global level. 

1952xDRW, TRZ Esports, and Gremlin Storm are the other three teams who, along with A1, qualified for the PMPL fall through their participation in the 2022 PMPL spring.

There have been a few roster shuffles in the teams representing Bangladesh ahead of the tournament.  With the renewed roster, the players from each team are determined to put on a dominant performance in the tournament.

Let’s take a look at the Bangladeshi teams and their roster in PMPL South Asia Fall 2022:

 A1 NB Esports:

  1. SiNiSTER
  2. Sk3tch
  4. Hitman
  5. Khoa
  6. GAJOR
  7. Bravo (Coach)


  1. DANTE
  2. RxJax
  3. Entry
  4. SeaWine
  5. PewPew
  6. DEVILboyy

TRZ Esports:

  1. Rare
  2. Madcat
  3. Atomic
  4. Mamba
  5. Stfuuu
  6. Crapton

Gremlin Storm:

  1. FEAR
  2. MEMO
  3. ROWDY
  7. FINIXOP (Coach)


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