G2 Drops the Valorant Roster Following Franchising Debacle

G2 Esports has decided to drop its entire valorant roster after the disastrous turn of events regarding the franchising system.

G2 is one of the most successful esports organizations in EMEA. Their Valorant roster was considered one of the very best in the region. Considering all these, G2 getting a partnered team slot was all but certain.

But the development took a 180° turn when the Internet erupted with criticism of the CEO of G2, CarlorsR. Carlos was seen partying with the controversial Andrew Tate. Riot, deeming it as a threat to their reputation, denied G2 their slot in the partnership program.

G2 was looking to sign the whole XSET roster for the upcoming VCT season. However, following the franchising debacle, no official news surfaced regarding their future plan with Valorant. A month later, G2 provided their announcement to drop the entire Valorant roster. So, all the players from now on are free agents.

Many of G2’s players were already in talks with other teams. For example, mixwell is reportedly joining Heretics. As for hoody, Meddo, nukkye, and AvovA, no authentic transfer rumors have come out.

It is still unclear if G2 will field a roster for the Challengers League in VCT 2023. However, with months left in the off-season, anything can happen.

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