Joaquin Messi: the “Next Messi” Argentina Has Found

Lionel Messi has moved to career- evening. He’ll say farewell to football in a short time. At such a time, Argentina found a “Next Messi”. Lionel Messi’s former club Newell’s Old Boys already blazoned his intention to join the club.

Argentina formerly planted ‘New Messi’, and the country had high expedients for numerous New Messi as the style of play matched. Still, this time there’s a big difference between Joaquin and everyone else. This time new Messi’s name is ‘Messi’, ‘Joaquin Messi’. He does not, still, want to know himself by name, but by his own graces; But he also has a dream to play with the Argentine megastar.

Joaquin has lately been included in the Newell’s Old Boys platoon. He also took the number 10 jersey of the team. Joaquin, still, is playing in the Argentine club’s U-20 team. However, he said that if his dream of playing with the real Messi comes true, he’s ready to give Lionel his number ten jersey.

His match with Lionel doesn’t end then. Born and raised in Coronel Arnold, another city veritably near to the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Messi’s hometown Rosario. Like Messi, he started playing sanctioned football at the age of eight, also in Newell’s.

photo: redgol

Despite the similarity, Huakin said that he has no association with Messi. The similarity of the names is simply a coexistence. ” Numerous have asked if I’ve any relationship with him or anything like that,” Joaquin said. “This is a coexistence. Where I live, there are three other families whose surname is Messi,” He added.

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He has some further parallels with Leo. Joaquin is thrilled with this. “It simply came to our notice also. This is because of having the same name. I’m a footballer, and so it has come more in my case. I am in Newell’s, just like him, now I’ve to wear the number ten jersey.”

The dream of playing with Lionel is remembered by all Argentine footballers. Joaquin is no exception. “It simply came to our notice also. That is why I am ready to choose another jersey number, ” he said. “Will the jersey number be ’30’ also? Messi now plays in PSG after that jersey.” Such a question also came to him. Joaquin replies, “Oh! I see you’ll put a mountain of pressure on me! In
my opinion, as long as I play, I want to play with any number.”

Former Barcelona star Lionel Messi has said many times in the last few years that he wants to return to his childhood club at some point in his career. If that ever happens, and Joaquin is in the same club, then the two Messi can be seen in the same club. The matter could have happened earlier if Joaquin had made his debut for Argentina.

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