NewsLA Rams Open to Receiving Trade Offers for Cam Akers

LA Rams Open to Receiving Trade Offers for Cam Akers

Former starting RB for Los Angeles Rams, Cam Akers seems to be at odds with the team’s officials and management as it is reported that Akers might get traded off in the near future.

The NFL is about to head into week 6. Judging from the scenario in the Rams’ camp, Cam Akers is having some serious differences with the head coach Sean McVay. Akers will be out of today’s game against the Panthers. Although the official reason is cited to be personal, it is widely believed that the rift that arose between him and McVay is why the 23-year-old is set to sit out the game.

The rift reached a level that the Rams are expected to field trade calls for the former starting running back. The Rams management is positive that will get the desired value in a trade offer for Akers.

Sean McVay came before the press ahead of the Panthers game and he was asked about the situation regarding Akers. “I would say it’s more like we’re dealing with things internally. This is kind of unchartered territory and I think the biggest thing is, out of respect for the situation, we want to keep it internally,” replied the Rams’ Head Coach.

It is obvious from his answer that the reports surfacing about fielding trade calls are not unfounded. It seems we might have already seen the last of Akers in the Rams’ jersey.


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