NewsLakia trials for Gen.G after falling out of negotiations with T1

Lakia trials for Gen.G after falling out of negotiations with T1

Former Vision Strikers player, Lakia has fallen out of negotiations with T1. As per reports, he is now trialing for another franchised org, Gen.G.

Kim “Lakia” Jong-min is a former Counter-Strike professional. Following the launch of Valorant, He joined the legendary Vision Strikers roster that recorded the 102-0 series run. However, the 21-year-old got benched after VS failed to replicate their result on the international stage. Lakia then joined Nuturn Gaming. He returned to VS/DRX as a 6th player before finally IGZIST.

As the Valorant scene prepares for the first-ever franchised league, a huge number of signings is taking place. The partnered teams are making the best possible signings ahead of VCT 2023. Only a handful of free agents are now left to join a team. One of the foremost among them is Lakia. Lakia is undoubtedly one of the best Asian Valorant professionals with huge experience. He has been linked to a number of teams.

Reports came in earlier this month that he was all but certain to join T1. However, as of a recent update, it is reported that he has fallen out of negotiation with T1. Instead, he is now trying out for Gen.G, another partnered team.

Three teams from South Korea have made it to franchising. Both Gen.G and T1 will be playing in the highest stage of Valorant next year, along with DRX. A player of Lakia’s caliber will boost the strength of any team he signs up with.


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