NewsMessi returned to Barcelona!

Messi returned to Barcelona!

Lionel Messi is not in the best form Paris. Not getting regular goals. However, even if he does not score a goal, he is assisting a goal. In the last League One match for PSG, the giants of Paris won 3-1. Killian Mbappe scored a pair of goals in the match. Meanwhile, the Argentine magician assisted the pair even though he did not score a goal.

In addition to playing a key role in PSG’s victory, Messi made headlines last week for another reason. He was recently spotted at the Barcelona airport.

Messi joined PSG after leaving Barcelona in August last year. However, even if he leaves his favorite city, he can be seen there from time to time. This has been seen once again last week.

Messi met at the Barcelona airport the day after the League One match for PSG. Rumors spread soon after the journalists caught Messi on camera, why did the former star suddenly come to the old arena? However, the reason came forward immediately. Although the media could not confirm that. However, Messi returned to his home to celebrate his wife Rukuzzo’s birthday.

His wife Antanello Rukuzzo turned 35 on February 26. However, due to the busy schedule of the club did not get a chance to celebrate. And so Messi hit the plane for Barcelona after playing a match against Saint-Etienne in League One.

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Meanwhile, after Messi’s departure from Barcelona, the question arises, when will he return. Because Messi and Barcelona have the same formula. All that Messi has achieved today is for the Catalans.

Since his debut for the club in 2004, he has won 34 titles. He also holds the Ballon d’Or and many other records. On the other hand, Messi is not in that familiar rhythm in PSG.

Nowhere in the French League One or the Champions League, the magic of that previous Messi is not seen. And so everyone believes that one day Messi will return to the old house. Diego Sinagra, the son of Argentine legend Diego Maradona, also believes so.

Recently, Diego Cingara said, “I am sure Messi will return to Barcelona one day. Maybe not too long. Next summer. She doesn’t seem to be happy in Paris. He is a great footballer, his place is also Barcelona.

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Meanwhile, Maradona’s son also thinks that Barcelona has not suffered much since Messi’s departure. He said that Barcelona is adapting well to the situation. They are slowly becoming a stronger team with Dembele, Feran, and Aubameyang.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the Guardian, Barcelona midfielder De Young admitted that Messi was leaving Barcelona – “I never thought seriously about that.” So when it actually happened, it was a shock to me. It was a big blow for everyone. We still miss him.


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