NewsMinnesota Vikings Defeat New Orleans Saints in London

Minnesota Vikings Defeat New Orleans Saints in London

The 15th season of the NFL International Series 2022 has returned with five games on the schedule. The event kick-started on Sunday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as part of the three games in London.

In the opening game, the hosting New Orleans Saints took on the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings scored two back-to-back touchdowns. However, the second one was counted. They finished the game 28-25 to secure a win over the New Orleans Saints. Justin Jefferson and Greg Joseph played major roles. Joseph scored the winning field goal as the Vikings moved to 3-1 to top the NFC North, keeping their eyes on the playoffs.

Jefferson caught a massive 39-yard pass from Cousins while the scores were level with only 97 seconds remaining. Joseph said there were yet more twists to offer when just 24 seconds were left on the clock. Scoring from 47-yards, he gifted his team the lead and secured the desired victory. On the other end, Lutz got golden opportunities to tie the game with a 60-yard and a 61-yard field goal but unfortunately, both ended up with rebounds. If happened, it would be the second longest one in Saints history.


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