Mixed Reactions Surfaces as CarlosR Resigns as G2 CEO

CarlosR, the CEO of G2 has decided to step down following massive controversy about him partying with Andrew Tate that ultimately resulted in G2 missing out on Valorant franchising.

Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez is a former League professional player, who then went on to establish G2, arguably the biggest organization in the west. With Riot introducing a franchising system for the next VCT season, G2 seemed all but set to make it to the partnered list. However, it all took a massive hit as CarlosR fell under huge criticism from the people after he uploaded a video where he was seen partying with another controversial figure, Andrew Tate.

Riot announced the names of the partnered teams last week and G2 shockingly was not in it. The internet immediately dotted the lines and it is now all but certain that the backlash Carlos faced caused Riot to back down from giving G2 a franchising deal. In the aftermath of all these, CarlosR has just announced that he will be stepping down as the CEO of G2 after almost a decade of managing the famous org.

Many fans and pros have taken to social media to provide their support for the former CEO. Professional players from different competitive games like FNS, Cadian, and Chicago stated that they do not agree with the consequences Carlos is having to suffer because of ‘one’ mistake.

There are also others who believe that this was the best course of action for G2 to restore its image. The reputation of G2 indeed took a huge hit after that video. Not getting into the franchising did further damage as it cost G2 a multi-million dollar deal.

Whether the consequence that Carlos is facing is justifiable is a hard question to answer. People have differing opinions on that. With Carlos stepping down, G2 will soon announce its new CEO. However, it seems unlikely that anyone can match the energy and persona of the former CEO. 

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