EsportsNinja No longer Partnered with Twitch: “I need a break”

Ninja No longer Partnered with Twitch: “I need a break”

One of the most popular streamers in the history of Twitch, Ninja, seems to be no longer on the partner list of Twitch.

Richard Tyler Blevins, otherwise known as Ninja, started off his career as a professional player in Halo 3. He played in various tier 1 orgs, including C9, LG, and Liquid. Although he began streaming in 2011, he continued to be a pro till 2017.

Ninja has been a widely known face in the streaming scene for quite a while now. His meteoric rise to fame started back in 2018 when he played Fortnite on stream. Fortnite, being a fresh game, was immensely popular in early 2018. Ninja grinded the game day and night in front of a record amount of viewers. 

Recently, many big streamers on Twitch have criticized the platform. The discontent did not end with criticism only as huge names like Pokimane and Ludwig have decided to part ways with Twitch after almost a decade-long partnership. Ninja seems to follow his fellow streamers’ path as he announces his break. He also iterated his uncertainty on when or where he will be back. 

Speculations are being made that like Ludwig, both Pokimane and Ninja will opt for YouTube. YouTube is the biggest platform for video content creation. However, it is second only to Twitch as a streaming platform. With this many big names switching over to YouTube, we might soon see the competition getting fierce.


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