EsportsNRG Set to Sign the OpTic Gaming Valorant Roster

NRG Set to Sign the OpTic Gaming Valorant Roster

NRG is signing the core of the OpTic Gaming Valorant roster ahead of the VCT 2023 season.

With the off-season going on in the Valorant esports scene, the roster-mania is going absolutely berserk in all the regions. The most attention is given to roster shuffles in North America, undoubtedly the most popular region in Valorant.

Much news of players signing has already surfaced. For example, XSET Cryo is now part of the 100T roster, Shahzam might leave Sentinels, Zellsis is rumored to have joined C9, etc. However, the biggest news to date is the ultimate destiny of the 5 players of OpTic Gaming.

The first of the five to get a team was the star player ‘yay’. According to the reports, yay is all set to join C9. The other four’s future was uncertain till now. This seems to end with news breaking out that NRG is signing them to complete their roster. The announcement of the signings of FNS, victor, crashies, and marved is expected to come very soon.

OpTic Gaming was the most consistent in the world for the first two VCT seasons. Along with winning the 2022 Master Reykjavik, this team reached 4 consecutive top 4 in the international tournaments of Valorant. With OpTic failing to make franchising, it was about time that it’s player found a new home in a partnered team.


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