EsportsOptic Gaming And Loud Ramps Up In The Valorant Champions 2022

Optic Gaming And Loud Ramps Up In The Valorant Champions 2022

OpTic Gaming and LOUD engaged in one of the most heated rivalries in the Valorant championship’s history for the eighth match this year. With a commanding 2-0 sweep, the Brazilian team would prevail this time and finally exact revenge for their three prior series losses.

LOUD from Brazil and OpTic Gaming from North America have competed against one another more frequently than any other two teams from different regions. Their sixth meeting this year took place in the Valorant Champions game, which was their most recent matchup. 

This was their second meeting in a Champions grand final and third overall. The rival North and South American teams have always respected and revered one another, even though they have already squared off five times this season.

The contest featured the two teams from Masters Reykjavik in a replay of the upper bracket championship. That series declared its season champion to be LOUD in Iceland, but OpTic won the last game.

The LOUD, however, was a whole other beast when it appeared to perform in Istanbul. They snapped OpTic’s 6-0 winning streak on Bind, one of their strongest maps. They then dominated Ascent, winning 13-3.

After a competitive first half in which both teams exchanged critical rounds, the score ended 6-6. LOUD, and more importantly, Less, turned on the heat in the second half. He was unable to assist his teammates in getting beyond the defense rounds, allowing LOUD to win the map 13-10.


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