NewsTSM Rumored to Buyout OpTic Valorant Roster for 2023 VCT Season

TSM Rumored to Buyout OpTic Valorant Roster for 2023 VCT Season

One of the biggest valorant organizations in the North-American region, TSM (Team SoloMid) is rumored to show interest in buying out the valorant roster of OpTic in preparation for the upcoming VCT season.

According to Dot Esports, TSM hopes to acquire the best valorant team in the region for the next season, and therefore, is in talks with the OpTic management to discuss the terms of the heist.

With the partnership program system getting implemented in 2023, all the big teams in NA are working to get themselves in the franchised league. OpTic and TSM are no exception. However, OpTic has significantly more chances than TSM to make it to the franchising because of its success in both regional and international events. TSM, despite being a large org, did not manage to find success in the competitive scene of Valorant Esports.

The heist would not be an easy task for TSM as two of the core members of OpTic’s valorant roster still have their contracts running. The two players are Jaccob ‘YAY’ Whiteaker and Jimmy ‘Marved” Nguyen. However, the contracts of ‘Victor’ and ‘Crashies’ are set to expire with the conclusion of the 2022 VCT Champions. Therefore, whatever happens regarding the TSM-OpTic situation, it is plausible that the full roster of the OpTic will not remain with the team for the forthcoming season.


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