EsportsVALORANT Patch Notes 5.10: What are the Changes?

VALORANT Patch Notes 5.10: What are the Changes?

Valorant has revealed the update of the new patch note, 5.10. We will be seeing a handful of changes in the game after the update. This time, Riot will be bringing changes to some of the agents in the game. We will know about the VALORANT Patch Notes 5.10 here.

We will be seeing changes in three agents:

  • Cypher
  • Fade
  • Harbor

Here are the changes in Valorant Patch Notes 5.10:

  • Previously, Cypher’s Trapwire’s maximum length was 1000. It has been increased to 1500 in this update, So, the Cypher mains will get more advantages in the game, as they will be able to gather more information.
  • There has been a change in the Fade’s Prowlers in the new patch note. The duration has been reduced, it will be hard to use, as the players will need to get closer to the enemy to use this ability correctly.
  • Previously, Harbor got one Cascade in a round. But in patch note 5.10, the Harbor will be getting two Cascade in each round, which will definitely give an advantage to the players.
  • There is bad news for the toxic players, as there is a new feature in the patch update. Players who are abusive in the text chat will be muted.


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