Rallye Monte Carlo 2023: Schedule, Location, Stages, and Live Stream

The opening competition for Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 is ready to begin with the upcoming event in Monte Carlo on Thursday.


The World Rally Championship or WRC is the highest level of international rally competition. It is governed by the Federation Internationale de I’Automobile (FIA). The annual rally competition usually contains year-long thirteen rally events.

The 2023 WRC is the latest iteration and 51st annual addition to the World Rally Championship series. This season’s WRC will contain 13 different races that will begin on January and run till November.

Upcoming WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 will be the calendar opening event for WRC 2023 season. The event will be held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It will run for 4 days. The event’s route will be different than last year. As in addition to new stages, there will be one extra stage, making the total to 18 stages.

WRC Rallye Monte Carlo of this year will feature both the Rally1 and Rally2 category competition. 10 drivers will compete in the Rally1 category. While Rally2 category will see 27 registered drivers facing against each other.

Let us take a look at latest information related to the schedule, live stream and other details on the upcoming professional rally racing event.

When will be Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 held?

  • Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023
  • Time: 03:30 a.m. ET

The WRC Rally season opener event at Monte Carlo is scheduled for upcoming Thursday, January 19, 2023. First round race day will begin at 03:30 a.m. ET.

WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 Schedule:

Date Event Time (ET)
Thursday, January 19, 2023 Shakedown at Sainte-Agnès/Peille 03:30 a.m.
La Bollène-Vésubie/Col de Turini 1 12:30 p.m.
La Cabanette/Col de Castillon 03:11 p.m.
Friday, January 20, 2023 Roure/Beuil 1 03:14 a.m.
Puget-Théniers/Saint-Antonin 1 04:22 a.m.
Briançonnet/Entrevaux 1 05:25 a.m.
Roure/Beuil 2 08:08 a.m.
Puget-Théniers/Beuil 2 09:16 a.m.
Puget-Théniers/Beuil Saint-Antonin 2 09:16 a.m.
Briançonnet/ Entrevaux 2 10:19 a.m.
Saturday, January 21, 2023 Malijai/Puimichel 1 03:38 a.m.
Saint-Geniez/Thoard 1 05:26 a.m.
Malijai/Puimichel 2 08:08 a.m.
Saint-Geniez/Thoard 2 09:56 a.m.
Ubraye/Entrevaux 11:59 a.m.
Sunday, January 22, 2023 Luceram/Lantosque 1 02:01 a.m.
La Bollène-Vésubie/Col de Turini 2 03:08 a.m.
Luceram/Lantosque 2 04:40 a.m.
La Bollène-Vésubie/Col de Turini 3 06:18 a.m.

Where will the Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 event be held?

  • Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

The upcoming WRC Rally 2023 season opening event will be held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Over 18 stages, competitors will drive for around 325.02 km.

WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 Stages:

The complete stage lists and their distance are given below –

Stage Distance
La Bollène-Vésubie / Col de Turini 1 15.12 km
La Cabanette / Col de Castillon 24.90 km
Roure / Roubion / Beuil 1 18.33 km
Puget-Théniers / Saint-Antonin 1 19.79 km
Briançonnet / Entrevaux 1 14.55 km
Roure / Roubion / Beuil 2 18.33 km
Puget-Théniers / Saint-Antonin 2 19.79 km
Briançonnet / Entrevaux 2 14.55 km
Le Fugeret / Thorame-Haute 1 16.80 km
Malijai / Puimichel 1 17.31 km
Ubraye / Entrevaux 1 21.78 km
Le Fugeret / Thorame-Haute 2 16.80 km
Malijai / Puimichel 2 17.31 km
Ubraye / Entrevaux 2 21.78 km
Lucéram / Lantosque 1 18.82 km
La Bollène-Vésubie / Col de Turini 2 15.12 km
Lucéram / Lantosque 2 18.82 km
La Bollène-Vésubie / Col de Turini 3 15.12 km

How to watch the WRC rally event on TV?

  • J Sports, NHK – Japan
  • BT Sport – United Kingdom

In Japan, both J Sports and NHK will broadcast the upcoming WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2023 live.  Stan. While, BT Sport will provide live telecast of the upcoming event via BT Sport 1 and BT Sport Extra channel in the United Kingdom.

How to Live Stream WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2023?

  • WRC+
  • Red Bull TV

World Rally Championship’s official online streaming platform, WRC+ will stream all four-day competitions of the upcoming season opening Monte Carlo event live. However, a WRC+ or RallyTV monthly subscription will be required to access the live stream. Additionally, live updates and daily highlights of the event will be available for Red Bull Subscribers.

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