TennisNadal reaches the French Open Final, Zverev Retired Hard

Nadal reaches the French Open Final, Zverev Retired Hard

After Alexander Zverev fell during a game and hurt his right ankle, Rafael Nadal went to the French Open final. Rafael Nadal reaches the final as Zverev retires hurt.

Zverev was rushing to his right to pursue a ball when he fell a little more than 3 hours into the match. His black suit was covered in rust-colored clay, and he screamed in anguish as he gripped his lower right leg.

Nadal Reaches French Open Final
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A trainer was brought out to help him, and Nadal walked around the net to see how Zverev was doing. In a wheelchair, Zverev has been wheeled off the court.

He returned a few minutes later, crutches in hand, and stated he needed to leave the match.

Rafa was seen to stand by his opponent and carry him in his soldier. This is actually the true beauty of tennis. With this, Nadal Reaches the French Open Final.


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