United Cup 2023: Purse and Prize Money Distribution

A new international tennis event has just been announced. The inauguration of the United Cup will launch the 2023 run of international tennis competition. Here, you will know about the United Cup 2023 Purse and Prize Money Distribution


The upcoming United Cup is a brand-new event announced by joint venture of the ATP and the WTA. The inaugural edition of this new tennis tournament will be opener for both the 2023 ATP Tour and the 2023 WTA Tour.

United Cup is a newly announced group-based tennis event. The ATP and WTA will officially organize the inauguration of the event on this December 29. It will be the first event to launch 2023 year’s tennis calendar.

2023 United Cup will feature the top ranked tennis players from 18 different countries. To make the event worthwhile for participants and more exciting for the viewers, it is boasting some extensive rewards.

United Cup 2023 Purse:

Officials have confirmed the event to feature a massive $15 million prize pool. However, the prize pool will be distributed based on individual wins and team standings. Furthermore, the competition will provide players with additional ATP and WTA ranking points based on their performance during matches.

As the event will be played in three different competitions, winners of each match in every competition will earn an individual prize based on game’s stage. Additionally, the leading team of each stage will receive an additional prize, which will be divided among the team members equally.

United Cup 2023 Prize money distribution is given below:

Individual Winnings:

Stage Category No.1 Player No.2 Player Doubles
Group Win $38,325 $25,900 $7,200
Knockout Win $69,500 $46,800 $13,000
Semifinal Win $132,000 $89,000 $24,750
Final Win $251,000 $169,200 $47,255

Team Winnings:

Stage Category Per Player
Group Win $5,000
City Win $8,025
Semifinal Win $13,650
Final Win $23,155


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