MoreIcestocksport World Championships 2022: Preview, Full Schedule, Livestreaming and More

Icestocksport World Championships 2022: Preview, Full Schedule, Livestreaming and More

Icestocksport World Championships 2022 is going to be held from February 22 to February 27 at the Ritten Arena in Klobenstein, Italy. Here, you will find everything about the event:

Date: February 22-27
Venue: Ritten Arena in Klobenstein, Italy
Live Stream: Youtube


This is going to be the 14th edition of the tournament. The games will be in 4 categories, Long-distance competition for Women and Men, Target competition for Women and Men, Team competition for Women and Men
Mixed team target.

The teams will need to pay a certain amount of entry fees to enter the competition. The players will have to be a member of a club which is under the IFI. The players will strictly need to maintain the IFI Anti Doping
Regulations. The best players in the world will perform in the tournament.

Icestocksport World Championships 2022 Date:

The event will start on Tuesday, 22 February, and will continue till Sunday 27 February.

The full event schedule is given below:

Tuesday, 22 February 2022:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Welcome ceremony of the nations

Wednesday, 23 February 2022:

  • Team competition men (preliminary)
  • Team competition Women (preliminary)
  • Long-distance competition Men (B-WC-single and team ranking)

Thursday, 24. February 2022:

  • Target competition Men (Qualification)
  • Target competition Women (Qualification)
  • Long-distance competition Women and Men -A (Qualification and
    team classification)

Friday, 25 February 2022:

  • Team competition Women (2nd round)
  • Team competition Men (2nd round)

Saturday, 26 February 2022:

  • Target competition Women (Classification team)
  • Target competition Men (Classification team)
  • Target competition Women (Finals-single)
  • Target competition Men (Finals-single)
  • Long-distance competition Women and Men (Finals), followed by
    a medal ceremony

Sunday, 27 February 2022:

  • Target team mixed 2 groups (ranking 5-8; ranking 1-4)
  • Team competition Women (Qualification 1)
  • Team competition Men (Qualification 1)
  • Team competition Women and Men (Qualification 2)
  • Team competition Women (Final)
  • Team competition Men (Final)
Icestocksport World Championships 2022
Credit: Icestocksport

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Icestocksport World Championships 2022 will take place at the Ritten Arena in Klobenstein, Italy. The ticket will cost you 10,00 Euro.

Icestocksport World Championships 2022 Live Stream:

The official youtube channel of International Federation Icestocksport will show the live stream of Icestocksport World Championships 2022 online.

Are there any COVID 19 Restrictions?

There will be some changes to the subsidies this year, they won’t be as same as the previous years due to COVID 19. There will also be some restrictions for the viewers and players of the tournament. Everyone will need to maintain proper hygiene and provide:

  • A full vaccination of COVID 19
  • Negative report of COVID 19 test
  • FFP2 masks will be required.

Final Words:

Icestocksport World Championships is one of the biggest Icestocksport events in the world. You will be able to watch the best teams and players perform in this championship. So if you are a fan, don’t miss the best players in action live.


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